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Premium Plus
High Performance
Optical Hybrid Film
Optical Hybrid High Performance Window Film
Reflective Films
Specialty Films

Category Description:-

Premium Plus Film:-
                        Premium Plus is a Non – Reflective Dyed film, which is a 1 mil single ply film. Premium Plus film comes with Scratch Resistance Coating and Manufactured with Pressure Sensitive adhesive. Color fading in this film is very negligible. This film rejects the heat up to 43% and Ultra Violet Rays up to 99%.

High Performance Film:-
                        High Performance is a Metalized, 1.5 mil double ply film. During manufacturing metal vapour pours in to increase the life, durability and quality of the film. Because of metallization process this film rejects the heat up to 65% and Ultra Violet Rays up to 99%. This film comes with Life Time Warranty of No Color fading and Peel off.

Optical Hybrid Film:-
                        Optical films are Hybrid films which are high performance non – metalized films. This is also a 1.5 mil thick and double ply film. These films look alike Premium Plus means no lustre but works like High Performance films. These films are specially designed for high end luxury vehicles. For those that come with the radio antenna built in the rear windshield. So the film will not interrupt the radio and GPS signal. Heat rejection of this film is up to 53% and comes with Life Time Warranty of No Color fading and peels off.

Reflective Films:-
                        Reflective Films have outer shine surface that’s why they are called Reflective Films or Privacy Film. Because of the shiny feature no one can see inside. Heat rejection of these films is very high it rejects the heat up to 78%. These films are very popular to install in High Rise Building and shopping centers. The thickness of the film is 1.5 Mil. It comes in various color range. These are films are specially designed to keep the heat out or in, which works in both directions.

Speciality Films:-
                       Speciality Films are designed for special purposes or specific need, like frosted films are used in bathroom windows and shower doors, and can be used as decorative film on main entrance door, offices. And Black Out films are used as to keep total privacy inside. These films are also 1.5 Mil thick.
Important Note:-
                  Please click on the “more info” tab before buy any Commercial or Residential Film. Especially when you have to install a film on Dual Pane or Low “e” Glass. The Solar Absorbance ratio <= 53 is safe for all kind of glasses.



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