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Handled Squeegees
Hard Cards
Hard Cards
Mark, Trim & Measure
Professional Scrapers
Squeegee Essentials
Tube Squeegee
Installation Accessories
Installation Accessories
Sprayers & Cleaning Supplies
Vinyl Wrap Tools
  Tinting Tools Description:-


In Blades category we keep 6” Triumph Scraper Blades GT-108,
Olfa Stainless Steel Snap Blades GT-116 and Single Edge Blades GT-140

Handled Squeegees:

Handled Squeegees are the best ergonomically tools in this category we 
  Blue Max 5” Angle Cut (GT-117A) used to refill GT-122,                                   Blue Max Squeegee with Handle (GT-122) and The Bulldozer 1 (GT-205)

Hard Cards:

Hard Cards are the most essential tools to complete the window tinting job in this category we have (1) 4" 3M Gold Card (GT-079), (2) Gray PVC Squeegee  (GT-087GR), (3)  Lil Chizler (GT-083) , (4)  Teflon Black Squeegee (GT-086BLK) , (5)  Teflon Gold Squeegee (GT-086GLD), (6) Teflon Platinum Squeegee (GT-086PLT), (7) Teflon White Squeegee (GT-086),  (8) Yellow PVC Squeegee (GT-087) .


Knives are the most important tools for smooth edge cutting of the window film and to avoid to scratch on the glass, cheap blades may scratch the glass during trimming and the quality of the edge cutting will also be bad. So always recommended stainless steel blade knives. In this category we have 3 different Knives for Beginners, intermediate and for Professionals, which are OLFA “A” Knife (Yellow) (GT-127),  OLFA Silver Stainless Steel Knife (GT-126),   NT Pro – 1 “Red Dot Knife (GT-027)

Mark, Trim & Measure:

In this category we have 12” Triangle 45/90 Degree (GT-186),  Film Opaquer Pen Broad Point (GT-077) , Film Opaquer Pen Thin Point   (GT-076)  


In this category we have 1” Blade Ade –GT212,   6” Triumph Scraper GT-107, 1” Heavy Duty Razor GT-138

Squeegee Essentials:

                                    Squeegee essential are really essentials tools you should have in your    
                                    tool kit to do window tinting in this category we have
Big Foot GT-043,
                              12” Block Squeegee GT-149, Conqueror GT-202 is the most popular
                                   tool in this category
EZ Reach Gold GT-200, Ez Reach Platinum GT-200 Plt,
                                   Little Foot (Blue & Red) GT- 044, Power Stroke Blue GT-254 B,  
                                   Power Stroke Red GT-255 R, Power Stroke Yellow GT-256 Y,                       
                                   Shuttle GT-092, Side Swiper GT- 207, Slammer GT-091,                                                                   Stroke Doctor GT-1022, Titan Squeegee GT-1042       

Tube Squeegees:

                                    In this category we have 4” Black Smoothie Tube Squeegee GT-119,         
5 ½” Yellow Turbo Squeegee GT-236

Installation Accessories:

Like the category name the tools in this category are the best installation
          accessories which makes the job easier. In this category we have                                
5 Way Trim Guide GT-190, Do not Roll Down Stickers 250/roll GT981A,  
Gasket Push Stick GT-194, Hard Card Sharpener GT-068, Heat Gun GT-250,
          Waist Apron GT-176

Spray and Cleaning Supplies:

In this category we have tint removal solution, scrub pads and Different  kind of spray bottles. Tint removal solution is Pink Adhesive Remover GT-162P, Poly Spray 2 GT-096, Professional Sprayer GT-ZepProSpray Master Bottler GT-090,   White Scrub Pad GT-085.                          

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